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Right wing parties are taking over policy and spread a negative mindset through tools like propaganda and iliteracy. Big companies occupy most drink water resources on the globe. 2050 will be more plastic in our oceans than fish and the new leader of the free world fabricates fake terror assaults …
We all know about these issues. And it’s important to know. But what do we actively influence? How do we actively behave in our daily lives to show that it’s not just about the negative things, the problems, the inevitability of destroying ourselves and our planet? The structures of todays world are an overloading complexity that we’re not able to understand or change from today to tomorrow. It’s time to become active. It’s time to share positions.

Timm Hartmann is a graphic designer and founder of Public Positions – an evolving creative platform that draws a meaningful connection between design, culture and society. Timm curates and initiates intercultural exhibitions, workshops 
and education programmes with other creatives from all over the 
world to combine excellence of design with a social conscience.

Instagram: @publicpositions
Facebook: @publicpositionsberlin

Press: slanted.de, AIGA eye on design, Interview Magazin, Lola Magazine